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Summer Regents Exams

Our School's Mission

We intend to help our students prepare for life after high school and to succeed in college.  We believe that our students develop strong decision making skills, good study habits, and a strong sense of what it means to be a respected member of a community.

1065 Elton St, Brooklyn, NY 11239

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- Young Writers will be open all summer with several different and exciting programs available for our students:

July Summer Paid Internships (July 7- July 25)
25 10th, 11th, and 12th graders have been selected to participate in a 3 week paid internship program where students will gain valuable, hands-on career experience. Students will work from Monday to Thursday and attend a debrief workshop on Friday mornings. Through our partnership with the Expanded Success Initiative, students will be paid to intern at job sites around the community. Our partners include East New York Restoration, Urban Strategies Learning Center, Imagine U Summer Camp, KS Jamm, Culinary Kids and more!

6th Grade Summer STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts and Math) 
July 14 - July 31st

We're offering students dedicated time for building skills, gearing up for 7th grade level work and engaging with their classmates and teachers in collaborative problem solving and exploration.  Activities will include targeted one-on-one instruction,  6th grade review and 7th grade preparation in mathematics, robotics, humanities instruction in reading, writing and the arts.  There will also be interactive and enriching field trip experiences to some of New York City’s best museums and attractions.

High School Summer School Credit Recovery
July 14 - July 31st

August Bridge for Incoming 6th and 9th Graders (August 18- August 25)

- We're hiring for the 2014-2015 school year! Please see our employment page for a list of the positions we're looking to fill and information about how to submit an application.

- Login to Pupilpath to see your grades or your child's grades in real time!  If you need Pupilpath login information contact Raul Lopez at 718.688.7230.  You can also get grades on your smartphone by downloading the free app from the iTunes or Android app stores.

-Do you have an idea to help improve life at Young Writers? Drop it in our online suggestion box.

-Do you have questions you want answered?  Check out our growing FAQ page.

The School at a Glance
The Academy for Young Writers was founded by Carolyn Yaffe and opened in the Fall of 2006.  She served as principal from 2006 to 2010, when we graduated our first class.  We're now located in Spring Creek, Brookyln.
We are a part of a small schools movement that began in the late 1980's and early 1990's in New York City.  Our primary goal is create a college preparatory program for our students so that they have as many options after graduating as possible.  To this end, we use writing across all areas of our curriculum as a tool for generating comprehension and retaining knowledge.  While we do celebrate creative writing, our name derives from the belief that all forms of writing help a person to become better educated and more expressive. 

Courtney Winkfield, Principal
Angie Pruitt, Assistant Principal of Instruction
AAden Stern, Assistant Principal of Organization

A New York City Department of Education Empowerment Zone School
An Institute for Student Achievement School

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