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We started a small school to emphasize the important role that personal relationships play in academic achievement.  Our core belief is that when students feel connected to their school community, they achieve at higher rates.  Writing is the vehicle through which students become critical thinkers. 

Underlying the program at Young Writers are the following beliefs:

      All students can succeed. It is our responsibility to tap into their natural talents and curiosities to engage them and to motivate them to become successful in our school community.

      We’re on a first name basis.  In order for members of our school community to develop authentic relationships we need to relate as individuals rather than members of a traditional school’s power structure. 

      Students should be empowered to make decisions to direct the course of their education. As we nurture their autonomy they will learn to make good decisions and will become more invested in the course of their education.

      Students will develop a sense of both safety and self-efficacy by belonging to a community that needs and values their effort and contribution; which also encourages them to take academic risks without fear of ridicule.

      Exhibition-based instruction, finding real-life applications to what we’re teaching and authentic opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning, helps teachers plan to meet each student’s individual needs and increases the likelihood of real understanding. 

      Reading and writing are the foundation for negotiating the outside world as well as sources of pleasure and self-discovery and are part of every subject and class.

      When conflicts inevitably arise, students and staff must engage in constructive problem-solving to address and repair the damage done to their relationships and the larger school community.

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We are HIRING for the 2016-2017 school year!  Please visit our EMPLOYMENT page for more info!

Class of 2020 events

As we begin the final preparation for Prom and the 8th grade trip, we want to make sure you have all the information pertaining to students dues and payments. We as a school will continue to fund-raise to help subsidize the budget. All students interested in attending these events are expected to pay in full by February 15th.
Prom: $50.00/ 8th grade trip to the Poconos: $80.00 ** We are only able to accommodate 50 students so this is first come first serve **
Student swag: $15.00 ( sweatpants or sweatshirt- student choice) 

If you need more information please reach out to the school. Your child has received 3 notices about this since October

In Other News:
  • Login to Pupilpath to see your grades or your child's grades in real time!  If you need Pupilpath login information contact Audrey Graves at 718.688.7230.  You can also get grades on your smartphone by downloading the free app from the iTunes or Android app stores.

  • Do you have an idea to help improve life at Young Writers? Drop it in our online suggestion box.

  • Do you have questions you want answered?  Check out our growing FAQ page.

The School at a Glance
The Academy for Young Writers was founded by Carolyn Yaffe and opened in the Fall of 2006.  She served as principal from 2006 to 2010, when we graduated our first class.  We're now located in Spring Creek, Brookyln.
We are a part of a small schools movement that began in the late 1980's and early 1990's in New York City.  Our primary goal is create a college preparatory program for our students so that they have as many options after graduating as possible.  To this end, we use writing across all areas of our curriculum as a tool for generating comprehension and retaining knowledge.  While we do celebrate creative writing, our name derives from the belief that all forms of writing help a person to become better educated and more expressive. 

Courtney Winkfield, Principal
AAden Stern, Assistant Principal 
Tanisha Brown, Assistant Principal
Sarah Reedy, Assistant Principal

A New York City Department of Education Secondary School
An Institute for Student Achievement School


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