Frequently Asked Questions

Academy for Young Writers – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are thrilled about starting the 2015-2016 school year, our 4th year in the beautiful Spring Creek Educational campus and our 10th year as a school community! 

Here are a few important pieces of information that may be helpful.


Q: Do we get lockers?

A: Yes! Lockers will be assigned in the first weeks of school for high school students and later in the fall for middle school students.  You will need to purchase (for $5.00) a school lock during the first week and use only your school assigned lock. Only school supplies and some personal items may be kept in lockers.  Lockers are subject to random search at any times.  Remember, AFYW does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen items in lockers.


Q: When can I use my locker?

You can use it before/after school and high school students may use it during passing.  Abuse of locker privileges (frequent use during class time and/or being late to class) may result in total loss of locker privileges.


Q: What about gym lockers?

A: Locker rooms will not be available this year, so be sure to dress for Physical Education on the days you have that course. 


Q: Do we have an elevator?

A: Yes! But…it is not for general student use.  Sorry, guys.  There are 490 high school Young Writers, 225 middle school Young Writers plus an additional 500 students and 150 staff members using the building.  We simply cannot accommodate the entire student body.  If you have a valid medical written excuse from a doctor, we may issue you a special pass.  See your Advisor. 


Q: Do we have the building to ourselves?

A: No, we have neighbors!  We are sharing the Spring Creek Educational Campus with two other schools – one is a 6-12 school (Spring Creek Community School) that is going into its 4th year and has 6th – 9th  grades and the other is 75K053, a small District 75 school with about 100 special education students.


Q: So where does Young Writers live?

A: We live on the 4th floor.  You will take most of your classes on the 4th floor.   All of our offices are also located on the 4th floor. Middle school students will be escorted from the floor when they have classes on other floors.


Q: When would I use the other floors?

A: You will never have any reason to be on the 3rd floor.  You will, however, spend some time on the 2nd and 1st floors.   Here’s when:

·       2nd Floor

o   Library

o   Classroom

o   Music Room

o   Advisory for some

·       1st Floor

o   Cafeteria

o   Auditorium

o   Gym

o   Weight Room

o   Spanish


Q: What’s our school schedule?

A: We all start at 8:50 and everyone gets out at 3:31. A few students may have a 0 period class, but you will find out during the first week of school.   NO excuses!!! You all need to be at school ON TIME each day!

Every Wednesday, high school students dismiss at 1:48 so that we can meet and plan as a faculty.


Q: Where are the restrooms and when can we use them?

A: There is a boys restroom and a girls restroom on the 4th floor across from the main office – this will be your main restroom.  There are also restrooms on 1st floor when you are using the gym, auditorium or cafeteria.  Because middle school and high school students share a floor, we need to accommodate our growing school.  We divide each hour to have separate times for middle school students and high school students to use the restroom.  From minutes 1 – 29, middle school students may use the restroom.  From minutes 30 – 59, high school students may use the restroom. 


Q: When is lunch?

A: Your lunch period will be at either 12:18 or 1:10 and is 43 minutes in length.  Young Writers may not leave the school building for lunch.


Q: Where do I get my Metrocard?

A: Metrocards will be assigned during the first week of school.  Be careful not to lose it!  If you do, you can sign up for a replacement card with Audrey in the main office.  Metrocards may not be available for immediately replacement.


Q: Where do I go to get working papers?

A: Bring copies of your birth certificate, physical exam, social security card to your guidance counselor.


Q: What’s going on after school?

A: Middle School students are invited and encouraged to join the Pathways to Leadership after school program, which runs five days per week beginning in September.  For high school students, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:00, we have lots of after school offerings.  In the past, we have had basketball, cheerleading, poetry, karaoke, music makers and drama.  We also offer homework centers and tutoring.  This year’s activities and offerings have yet to be finalized, so if there is something you are interested in, let us know right away!!


Q: Where do I go when I need help?

A: Most Young Writers’ students already know this, but for those of you who are new…there are LOTS of people who can help.  Check out the who’s who list included in this handbook.  But the best place to start is with your Advisor!


Q: What’s the policy on electronics?

A: Cell phones, iPods, radios, PSPs, and other electronic devices are prohibited on school property.  These are expensive and should be left at home.  Young Writers is not responsible for their loss of theft.  If devices are SEEN or HEARD, they will be confiscated.  We have a phone the in main office for student use and are always happy to relay messages to students from families.

1st Time: Get it back at the end of the day

2nd Time and beyond: Parent has to come to school to retrieve it


Q: Do we have a dress code?

A: We don’t have a uniform, but we do follow a dress code guided by the Chancellor’s Regulations.  

·       NO HATS – The NYC Department of Education has established a policy which prohibits students from wearing hats, doo-rags and scarves in school building during instructional day. The staff of Young Writers actively enforces this policy and is authorized to confiscate these items.

·       We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any item of clothing that can be interpreted as gang-affiliated.  This includes wearing flags, bandanas, beads and rosaries of any kind.  We will confiscate any of these items and may set up a parent meeting in response.

·       Additionally, we expect Young Writers to dress appropriately while in school.  The following clothing is not allowed: low cut blouses, midriff tops, exposed underwear/bras/boxers, short skirts or shorts, clothing with inappropriate graphics or language.