Welcome Letter

Dear Students,

Welcome to another school year at the Academy for Young Writers.   For those of you who are new to our school community, we enthusiastically welcome you and look forward to meeting you soon! Young Writers is unlike any other high school – you will approach your studies through investigating, working in small groups, and revising and demonstrating your skills and understandings.  Through Advisory you will become known as the unique person you are.  You’ll come to learn quickly how much we value close relationships at Young Writers and that we view our community as a second home.

It seems like only yesterday that we moved into our six small classrooms on the 5th floor at 183 South 3rd Street.  It has been a great personal joy and privilege to watch this school grow over the past six years and develop into the safe, supportive, thriving community it is today.  Our incredible staff has worked hard to make our school a success, but please know that I credit you, my Young Writers, with developing the heart of our school.  And as we prepare to move into a new space in the coming weeks, I expect the core culture of our school to grow even stronger.

This year will be unlike any other in our school’s history.  Young Writers’ new home at the Spring Creek Educational Campus will offer our students and staff the chance to learn together in a state-of-the art facility. For the first time, Young Writers’ students will study in a college-research library, perform in a professional auditorium, learn to play instruments, and play sports in an enormous gymnasium with locker rooms.  Young Writers’ students will have access to the latest technology in every single classroom and in our new computer lab.  In short, our new facility, coupled with our enormous heart and prior success, will no doubt push our school and our students to even greater success.

With this opportunity comes great responsibility and new challenges.  Please know that it may take time for things to run as smoothly as we’d like, for policies to be ironed out, and for us to all settle in.  Young Writers has always been known for its friendly, welcoming and supportive school culture.   I have full faith that, as a community, we will set a positive tone from the first day.  

Included in this packet you’ll find some information to help you get started in our new space. 

·      You have information about the location of the new school, along with a website that will help you learn your new commute.

·      You have our September Newsletter with important school dates and information about new members of the Young Writers’ staff.

·      You have your new Advisory assignment – extremely important – where you will report first thing on September 6th.

·      You have a list of questions and answers about the new building.

·      You have a list of important contacts.

There is much to accomplish before opening day, so please know we are all hard at work these final weeks of summer to make our 2012-2013 school opening smooth, successful and celebratory.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out using the email addresses enclosed.  Enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!


See you soon.

Courtney Winkfield, Principal